X-ONE is not just a company, it is an assembly of people in the heart of clock-ticking mastery, looking to take an unconventional approach to Swiss watch making and breaking into a world of tradition.

We have explored connections between craftsmanship and the digital world in an ongoing quest to give the Swiss answer to electronic and mechanical mastery.

Chronode SA

Chronode is committed to the research, development, and manufacturing of mechanical movements, mechanical modules and Grande complications. Since its founding in 2005, Chronode has sought new ways to offer innovative concepts and products to its clients.

In 2012, with the goal of mastery over its strategic steps in creating innovative mechanical products, Chronode began implementing turning, trimming and decoration rolling processes all in one location. As a result, the company has strengthened its role as an independent movement manufacturer in the watch industry. Today, Chronode vertically manages the majority of its supply chain: conception, creation, design, development, logistics, manufacturing, quality control, pre-assembly, complete assembly, casing and decoration, polishing, beveling, engraving and beading.

Chronode is an integrator of the X-ONE watch from its development to the delivery of assembled watches. Its renowned competences within the watch industry are what give Chronode SA the advantage in overcoming challenges in developing, testing, and certifying the assembly of micromechanical features as well as in the subset of electronic components.

The company is based in Le Locle, Switzerland. It is renowned for being the engineer and the manufacturer of several watch developments and time measurement instruments.


Advanced Sport Instrument

Advanced Sport Instrument, founded in Lausanne in 2011, is the meeting point between sports and technology. It is specialized in solutions for performance measurements and tracking devices. ASI has distinguished itself by launching three lines of products, and integrating third party solutions while conceiving customized requests.

Fieldwiz is the first independent and affordable tracking instrument for physical and tactical data for outside team sports. FlyNet is a flying connected instrument for free flight, namely paragliding. FlyNet is the first line of product of ASI and it represents its first development. LiveTrack is a location and live tracking device of ASI. It is developed on a shared platform and can track people or objects by GPRS ou Satellite

In terms of the X-ONE watch, ASI handles the development of the electronic module and the digital interfaces, such as the firmware, the control of the stepper micro-motors, the connectivity and as well as its battery and charging system.