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X-ONE is the avant-garde of the Swiss mechanical watch. It is an iconic ground-breaking revolution in the world of refined “grande complication”. A new relationship with time designed by tradition and empowered by the digital age.

We have surpassed technological challenges to craft one of the most advanced mechanical watches ever assembled.

We pursue a purpose to give the Swiss answer to smartwatches by making the digital a tradition.



The Swiss answer to smartwatches. 

The X-ONE H1 combines a Swiss mechanical movement with an electronic module to enhance the mechanical functions of the watch. It is a “grande complication” featuring an automatic movement for hours, minutes and seconds, a perpetual calendar, an automatic GMT and unique connected customizable features and notifications.

  • Perpetual calendar

    The X-ONE perpetual calendar indicates dates, months and leap years with accuracy and timelessly.

  • GMT

    The GMT indicates a second local time automatically according to your location on a twelve-hour scale.

  • EP (Electric power)

    the EP indicates the battery level of your watch, and how much electricity power is left.

  • Multifunction

    The multifunction gives you the possibility to customize your watch from a library of features:

    - Pedometer
    - Music control
    - Stopwatch

    The library will be upgraded in the future with new and uniques features.

  • Notifications

    Select your inner circle on the linear display for incoming calls, messages, and personalized applications.


Swiss Innovation & Design

X-ONE is the culmination of a partnership based on creativity and watch's engineering. We have broken grounds by finding unique solutions to implement an electronic module within a mechanical movement while designing distinctive features in a finely designed watch case.

  • Innovation

    All the technologies embodied in the X-ONE were developed in Switzerland, working along the most advanced companies in their sector. The “Plug-In” feature, which allows for replacement of the electronic module for future evolution with the latest technologies ensures a long durability. It is a major innovation and was patented. It is what Swiss innovation is all about.

  • Battery

    The rechargeable battery (AA) ensures a long autonomy without recharging.
    The charging of the X-ONE H1 is made by induction. This charging system allows the watch to be water resistant up to 50 meters.

  • Micro-motor

    The two micro-motors working on the linear indicator and the counter are the smallest stepper micro-motors in the world. Their small size and performance combined with its minimal consumption of energy is what allows the X-ONE’s unique features to be possible.

  • Mechanical movement

    The Swiss-made automatic mechanical movement is robust and reliable. It is the heart of the watch, symbolized by the balance and the hair spring which can be seen on the small opening of the dial.

  • Linear mechanical display

    The technology used to display the information used the highest degree of miniaturization to offer the widest linear motion display. We have already tested the reliability of the mechanism over more than 50’000 cycles.

  • Connectivity

    The X-ONE H1 uses the latest generation of technology in terms of connectivity with the Low Energy Bluetooth ensuring data transfer between the X-ONE and your cellphone.


August 2020

First deliveries

End of 2019

New prototypes with correct BLE range

Summer 2019

Improved Bluetooth (BLE) transmission system due to insufficient range

First prototype

We received the first prototypes. Discover the first looks of the X-ONE H1.

our crowdfunding campaign

X-ONE launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for the release of its first product the X-ONE H1.

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X-ONE Progress

X-ONE started from an idea in 2016. We have overcome risks and challenges to create the X-ONE H1. Discover the timeline of the company from the beginning.

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